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At OMEGA Group, we develop and plan facility solutions that are conducting to an efficient and highly productive work environment. We specialize in space and equipment planning by developing plans showing ergonomic work environments with attractive interiors to meet our clients ever changing needs. Our programming and project management experience is based upon twenty six years of delivering outstanding architecture and design in a hands-on style.


A successful facility begins with building a strong foundation. Good planning and design begins with an effective architectural and interiors program. Defining space, utility and budget requirements is accomplished in five distinct steps:

1. Establish GOALS: The first step in a project is to establish clear, specific statements of the objectives to be achieved. What does the Client/Owner expect to accomplish with their facility?

2. Collect and analyze FACTS: Existing conditions, people projections, space standards, codes and ordinances are all part of establishing an accurate and essential knowledge base.

3. Uncover and test CONCEPTS: Goals are ends; concepts are the means to the ends. OMEGA Group works with our clients in brainstorming pertinent ideas for attaining stated objectives.

4. Determine NEEDS: The key question to ask in every project is, “How much is this going to cost?” the four components of cost are:

a. Quality – Project Budget
b. Space – Space List
c. Support Systems – Utility Matrix
d. Schedule – Project Schedule


5. State the Solution: A summary of the entire program is developed in narrative form. This narrative then serves as the criteria from which to evaluate the project design and construction.

In its most direct form, project management is working with people. It is the communication, coordination, and control of project management information so that all parties can contribute to the best of their abilities. Today, executives are being asked to accomplish more than ever before, and at the same time, using fewer resources. OMEGA Group provides a two-part response to this challenge. First, as Team Leaders, we provide a generalist point of view. We can see the big picture. Secondly, we furnish, as resources, Technical Specialists who understand the specific details in their fields of specialization.


Programming is the initial project work, which defines the design requirements. OMEGA Group performs this work before beginning design rather than during design as other firms. We facilitate owners in developing measureable project goals. We gather the pertinent background material necessary to understand the project context. Then, with our clients, OMEGA Group creates innovative concepts, which in turn will drive the facility requirements and design. Finally, we develop projections for the project requirements which include area, future growth, utilities, a project budget, cash flow projections and a project schedule.


OMEGA Group uses the five step approach above to help our clients define their facility requirements. Our method is both analytical and creative. The analytical aspect of programming involves the collection and examination of background information and pertinent data, such as current space utilization, staffing projections and utility consumption. It includes a complete facility and/or site analysis.


The creative aspect seeks to discover new combinations of ideas. The results may be new applications of old ideas, concepts borrowed from unrelated projects, or ideas developed with corporate personnel during organized brainstorming sessions.